On The Radio 2017/07/10

A week after my previous show, I was back co-presenting another Wrong Rock Show with Botha on Bush Radio.

Here’s the show, followed by a track list of my contributions, and videos for some of the songs I could find reasonable or interesting videos for:

Night After Night [acoustic version] - The Sounds [Dying To Say This To You ‘06]
Rain Rain Rain - Roxy Music [Flesh + Blood ‘80]

Crash - Asian Dub Foundation [Community Music ‘00]
Our Leaders Have All Gone Underground - Kalahari Surfers [taken from The Eighties Volume 2. The original version appears as ‘Underground’ on the album Sleep Armed from ‘88] Find the whole Sleep Armed album here
Chom’Emdaka - Thandiswa [Ibokwe ‘09]
Sabotage - Beastie Boys [taken from Solid Gold Hits ‘05]

Bruce Bleed - Springbok Nude Girls [Neanderthal 1 ‘95]
Block - Machine Head [Burn My Eyes ‘94]

Unleash - Soulfly [Conquer ‘08] They’ve prohibited embedding, so you can find the official video here
Unchained - Van Halen [Fair Warning ‘81]

Ghost Called Loneliness - Urban Dance Squad [Artantica ‘00]
Wake Up - Rage Against The Machine [Rage Against The Machine ‘92]

Song Dance - Pavlov’s Dog [Pampered Menial ‘74]

Here’s a link to all the shows I’ve done:

On The Radio 2017/07/03

I joined Botha Kruger on The Wrong Rock Show for the first time to co-host my first show in just over a year.

Here’s the show, with the complete track list and some videos of my contributions below:

Darkness Sunday- Jungles!!!
Sun [Leftfield mix] - John Lyndon [Psycho’s Path ‘97]
Boom Box - Blueprint [taken from Rhyme Sayers 2005 Label sampler ‘07]
Department S - G//Z/R [Black Science ‘97]
Letchi Dans L’espace - Golgot VR
Glisten - Slavedriver
Broken Tamagotchi - Nosferatu D2
Hands All Over - Soundgarden [Louder Than Love ‘90]

Hands Of Reason - Paradise Lost [Draconian Times ‘95]
Rain - The Cult [Love ‘85]

Never Enough [Big mix] - The Cure
Young Ones - The Frown
A Drug Against War - KMFDM
Shore’s End (Chapter One) - Asylum Kids [Solid Principles ‘82]
Banshee - Coal [The Ruse ‘15]
Frustrated - Drain [Encounter ‘96]
Wat’s In ‘n Naam - Tas Vol Nardus
Vendetta - Slipknot [All Hope Is Gone ‘08]
Thetawaves - System Of A Down [Steal This Album ‘02]
Hooks & Splinters - Otep [House Of Secrets ‘04]
Celebrate The Harvest - Make-Overs
Evil Child - Blind Butcher
Cover Me - Part Chimp
Mystery - BLK JKS
My Baby - Soo Coo?
Memories Of The Grove - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster [II ‘07]
Shoot You In The Back - Motörhead [Ace Of Spades ‘81]

Message Beneath Contempt - Raised Fist [Dedication ‘02]


Here’s a link to all the shows I’ve done: